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How Stay-At-Home Moms are Making Extra Cash, While Spending More Time With Family

Affiliate marketing is a good example of how stay-at-home moms are making extra cash. With a little bit of time, effort and a copy of James Martell’s Affiliate Marketers Handbook, moms worldwide are turning into expert affiliate marketers.

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Why I Wouldn't Think Twice About Hiring a Stay at Home Mom
By Marsha Maung


The world’s unfair. Yes it is. Let’s look at it this way. Staying at home is considered an occupation not many would willingly consider because the following reasons:

• 24 hour work (especially right after birth of children)
• No leave
• No medical coverage
• No insurance coverage
• No salary
• No big job title
• Mentally and Physically challenging (someone please tell me I am wrong on this one)
• “Employers” always fighting among each other and you’re always the arbitrator
• No Life
• And most of all….No appreciation and definitely no PROMOTION

And yet, you won’t find another person who does so much for so little willingly and with a smile on her lips. SAHM could be scrubbing dirty linen while exchanging jokes with kids. SAHM would also forego sleep if ‘employers’ have nightmares or problem sleeping. Even though the SAHM is grouchy, she will do her best to ensure that her mood does not affect the ‘employers’. SAHM will sacrifice her own food for the sake of the ‘employers’ without making a single sound.

The most amazing thing about SAHM is that they often have to do multiple things at the same time and deliver accordingly. For instance, ever tried calming an angry child while cutting onions? Or perhaps paying the milk delivery boy while breastfeeding a baby? How about changing a diaper while reading a magazine? That’s why God decided to give women this amazing ability to multitask.

Now, with all that said, doesn’t it seem clearer now why I would hire a SAHM at the drop of a hat?

Imagine the things that she can do for me! And yet, SAHM have no recognition and are considered to be second-class citizens in some countries. They are regarded so because they do not contribute FINANCIALLY to the family’s expenses. But so what? So what, I ask you?

Here…let’s consider this. Consider the following two instances very carefully. Number one, put a SAHM in a CEO chair and let her run the company for a day…completely on her own. Number two, take the CEO out of the chair and place her in a home with 3 screaming kids for one working day.

Guess who’ll make it and who won’t. No prizes for guessing but my guess is that the SAHM will probably be able to find her way around to survive the day and not mess up the company while the CEO will be done before the day is over.

And that is why the value of a SAHM is priceless and the CEO or corporate rat-racer is priced. Give me a choice and I’d pick the SAHM any time of the day.

Marsha Maung is a freelance graphic designer and copy writer who works from her home in Selangor, Malaysia. She loves nothing more than blowing bubbles in the park with her 2 kids, Joshua and Jared. She designs apparel and premium items at Her personal website and blog can be found at
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ClubMom Introducess

Join the MomNetwork

The Best of What Moms Have to Say is Available Online, All in One Place

ClubMom, the premier online destination for moms, by moms, announces the launch of The MomNetwork, the Web’s first social network customized to fit the needs of the nation’s largest niche group – moms. Through The MomNetwork, moms can search for and connect with each other based on shared challenges, interests, kids’ ages, and geography. Moms across the country can now visit to create their profiles for free.

"Moms have always looked to other moms for advice, practical wisdom, and a sense that they’re not alone," says Meredith Vieira, moderator of ABC-TV’s The View. The expertise moms have shared while on playgrounds, at soccer games, and around their neighborhoods, has now been aggregated through the power of the Internet. The MomNetwork fosters this mom-to-mom camaraderie, while bringing together the best of what real moms have to say."

In contrast to social networks targeting young people, The MomNetwork has been uniquely developed to meet the needs of busy moms. The MomNetwork helps moms find practical solutions to their everyday challenges and issues by directly connecting them with other moms dealing with similar situations. Moms are concerned about Internet security so The MomNetwork has been designed to allow moms to strictly control their privacy and anonymity. ClubMom will continue to rollout new features of The MomNetwork, including online groups, which moms can join based on their shared challenges, interests, or kids’ ages.

Copyright © 2006, CMI Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved.

Healthy Menu Mailer

Why Did God Create Moms?
By Carey Kinsolving

"God created moms to cook most of the time and to water the chickens," says Jed, 8.

Well, Jed, either you have some strange chickens, or your mom needs more farm experience. As for the cooking, let's hope your mom's chicken casserole contains poultry that someone has fed and not just watered.

"God created moms because they could go shopping while me and my dad go hunting," says Jacob, 7.

As a guy who hates to shop, that makes perfect sense to me. And while the guys are hunting, Mom will "teach girls about makeup," says Kristin, 10. "He also created moms for girls to tell about problems we can't tell dads. Thank you, God, for creating moms."

As Kathryn, 12, says, "It's nice to be able to talk about things. I know because I have a mom."

Listening is important, but "moms were made to have fun with their kids," says Alex, 10. "You might think your mom is old, but really inside, she is a kid just like you," adds Kristen, 9.

Yes, you might be amazed that your mom likes to have fun, but even more amazing is that moms will love you even when you're not so much fun. "Moms will love you even if you fight a lot," says Adrienne, 10. "They are probably here so they can take care of their kids. But, that's just my guess."

Good guess, says Mallory, 7: "I think moms were made to hug you. I think that God made moms to kiss you, too. I think moms were made to fix your hair."

Not only are moms good for hugs and hair, but also hassles, says Beth, 9: "God created moms because we need somebody to get onto us and say things like, 'Clean up your room now!'"

Beth, you might consider what your mom does for you. J.T., 7, believes that "God made moms to do stuff without getting mad." In fact, "Moms do most of the dirty work around the house," adds observant Andrew, 10.

All right, let's get down to basics, says Justin, 9: "God created moms to give birth to people so that the earth's population will grow."

Remember, Mom was there in the beginning. You were kicking, screaming and making a mess in your diaper. Part of Mom's job is to remind you of your humble entrance into this world, says Stephen, 10: "God made moms to embarrass you in front of your friends. Moms are made to be there for you always, and you'll always be their baby."

So why do moms put up with us? Erica, 7, has the answer: "The Lord loves me so he made a person of love and faith to tackle the job of me, and that is my mom. She loves me so much. I am her love of love."

Nick, 7, says it another way: "God made moms so they could be like God."

How many times have we seen mothers claim innocence for sons who have committed the most heinous crimes? A mother's unconditional love is based on her capacity to love, not on her children's worthiness.

In the same way, God's love is not based on our worthiness. We have all sinned against God. The irony is that the one who lived perfectly and loved unconditionally was tried, convicted and crucified as a common criminal to pay the penalty for our rebellion against God.

Whether or not you've been blessed by a mother's love, remember that the greatest love of the greatest mother who ever lived is only a reflection of God's perfect, unconditional love.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life" (John 3:16).

Carey Kinsolving is a syndicated columnist, producer, author, speaker and website developer. To see more articles like this one, visit The Kids Talk About God website contains free, online content for children and families. See Carey’s Kid TV Interviews. Print free lessons from the "Kids Color Me Bible" and make your own book. Let an 11-year-old girl take you on a trip around the world in the Mission Explorers Streaming Video. Print Scripture verses illustrated by child artists. Receive a complimentary, weekly e-mail subscription to our Devotional Bible Lessons.
Bible quotations in this Bible lesson are from the New King James Version.
Copyright 2006 Carey Kinsolving
Article Source:

Beating The Stay At Home Mom Stereotypes
By Stephanie Foster

Everyone has a picture in their mind of what a stay at home mom should be. Sometimes it’s fairly flattering - the perfect mother who is always there for her family, home cooks every meal and keeps a perfect house. Other times it’s a picture of a woman lazing on the couch, watching soap operas, eating bon bons and spending her husband’s hard earned money.

Most stay at home moms don’t fit perfectly into either. Maybe you’re great at cooking meals for your family, but when it comes to thinking of great ways to keep the kids busy, you struggle. Maybe your house is clean but you hate to cook. And maybe you do enjoy those soap operas as you help the kids with homework and projects.

Most people don’t recognize the challenges your typical stay at home mom deals with. They see it as a kind of makework, nothing real.

As a stay at home mother you have many doors open these days. You can express yourself for the entire world to see on a blog. You can start a home business. You can volunteer. You can find a work at home job. Or you can just delight in being a stay at home mother and ignore your detractors.

Is a stay at home mom lazy? Rarely. Most try hard to contribute their fair share by budgeting money wisely, being there for their family, raising the kids, cleaning the house, cooking meals, and generally working what studies have shown to be the equivalent of two full time jobs. Next time someone calls stay at home moms lazy, just remind them of that.

You don’t have to be June Cleaver to be a successful stay at home mom. If you don’t enjoy cooking, that’s just fine. Use the shortcuts available to you that fit in your budget. I would suggest keeping the food healthy for your family’s sake, but otherwise it’s up to you.

Despite what some feminists think, choosing to be a stay at home mom is not a betrayal of what the feminist movement fought for. Women now have options, and can choose what exactly they want to do with their lives. Saying that it is unreasonable to choose a traditional path is denying you the right to live your life as you choose.

Just take a look at what today’s stay at home mom is like. Odds are you weren’t raised to think of yourself as a future stay at home mother. Growing up, girls are now encouraged to think of having careers, not “merely” raising their families.

It’s okay for a stay at home mom to have outside interests. They don’t have to be the more or less traditional volunteering, cooking and so forth. You can keep up your skills so that when your children are grown or reach an age where you decide to go back to work you still have the skills. You can do real work at home.

There are more options out there for stay at home moms than there used to be. Even as you take the time off from outside the home jobs to raise your family you can maintain your own interests.

Stephanie Foster is one of the lucky ones who has been a stay at home mom since her children were born. She has a forum at where you can meet other moms.
Article Source:

Modern Moms Need Support
By Mila Sidman

In the old days moms used to have support from their community and other stay at home moms. Fast forward to 2006 and most families have two working parents. Often times stay at home moms don’t have the support they need. Although most people do understand that being a stay at home mom is a job all on its own and a huge one at that, there are always time when mom may feel she’s not doing enough.

The truth is that being home to raise your kids is a huge responsibility and more stay at home moms should be applauded for their choice to stay home and raise their family. But what about support?

Well if you’re lucky enough to have a group of close stay at home mom friends that’s great but if you aren’t there are ways you can get out there and start making friends.

Join a local toddler playgroup or class. This is a great way to meet other moms with similar age kids.

Go to the park. The park is often a great meeting place for moms and it’s also a good way for you and your children to get some fresh air.

Smile and say hello. Often times people seem unapproachable until someone smiles. Most of the time you will find your smile is returned. This instantly sets the ground for a conversation to start. So don’t wait for people to approach you, take the initiative and say hi.

Go online. In today’s technological age it’s easy to make friends and find support online. There are many, many parent forums and even forums just for moms. It’s great to be able to log on at any time when you’re stressed or just need a quick chat and talk to other moms.

Don’t forget to get out. Although online friendships and support is great do remember to get out there, even if it’s just for a walk and talk to people. You’ll be amazed at how easily friendships can be struck up… even when you least expect it.

Need friendly support? Moms Talk Network provides you with support and resources, all conveniently located in one place and created with your needs in mind. Join us, it’s Free!

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